Our Company


All Merchants Welcome Payment Processing Services is a division of DM Contact Management Ltd., a Victoria, British Columbia company that has been serving internet marketing clients since 2002. DM Contact Management provides a suite of other services to online merchants, including email listhosting/management, affiliate programs/support, customer support, call center, website design/maintenance, systems, and marketing services.

Why All Merchants Welcome?

After years of witnessing our clients, particularly the so-called “high risk” clients, being disrespected, taken advantage of, and in some cases actually having their money stolen, we decided to form our own payment processing division. We consider high risk clients to be our specialty. We know that the industry is not friendly and welcoming to high risk clients, tends to overcharge these merchants, and in some cases this leaves the merchant with no options other than unscrupulous “pooled” entities which end up “disappearing” with the merchant’s money. We have secured key partnerships in and outside North America so that we can deliver the best rates to all merchant types and categories. Unlike competitors, we do not derive all of our revenue strictly from payment processing, so we don’t need to overcharge in this area to keep the overall business afloat. The All Merchants Welcome branding is intended to convey the message that regardless of your product type, business location, and volume, we look forward to helping you out, will treat you with respect, will provide the best rates possible, and we will not abandon you or cheat you. In other words, we welcome your business and when you are working with us you will know we appreciate it.

Our Company Core Values

Our Company Core Values form the foundation from which we derive every aspect of our approach to our work, our clients, and each other.

  1. Work Hard and Meet Your Commitments and Deadlines
  2. Deal Directly, Honestly and Respectfully with Each Other
  3. Contribute to an Enjoyable and Productive Workplace
  4. Clients First; Individual Second
  5. Display Individual Initiative within Each Role

Our Strategic Anchors

Our Strategic Anchors form the brand promise that we feel will elevate the All Merchants Welcome program above the vast majority of competitors in the same market space.

  1. Treat All Merchants with the same level of Trust, Appreciation and Respect.
  2. Offering Better Rates to a large number of Clients generates greater Profit, Reputation, Contentment and Stability than Overcharging a small number of Clients.
  3. Provide Fanatical Assistance with the Application Process so it is as Quick and Painless as Possible for the Merchant
  4. Keep in Touch - Don’t Forget the Merchant – Maintain an Ongoing Effort to Improve Terms, Tools, Options and Conditions throughout the Account Lifespan
  5. Our Client is the Merchant – not the Banks or Credit Card Issuers