Payment Via Mobile Phone - Tapping the Impossible Customer Base?
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There are many consumers who have neither a credit card nor a checking account, and these “unattainable” customers present a seemingly impossible obstacle to an online merchant. Are these potential customers truly unattainable? Not any more, now that payment via mobile phone has been introduced. This is the ideal compliment to the credit card processing option – fees are higher to the customer so this option does not shift business away from traditional processing – it adds new business from those who cannot or will not purchase using traditional means.

Payment via mobile phone is now available for customers located in the USA, United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. This payment medium has easily grown 4000% in usage over the past year worldwide, with Austria, Spain, France, Australia, Denmark, and Israel the most recent countries that will be following the trend imminently.

A new report by Juniper Research finds that the rush by banks and mobile operators to deliver financial services to the mobile phone will result in just over 612 million mobile phone users generating over $587 billion worth of financial transactions by 2011. Worldwide mobile telephone subscriptions have reached 3.3 billion, equivalent to half the global population, 26 years after the first cellular network was launched. 59 countries now have mobile penetration of over 100 percent.

For consumers, there are some definite selling points. There are some consumers who fear using their credit cards online so mobile payment provides a viable alternative for these people. Many others, particularly younger consumers or consumers who reside in certain countries, own a cell phone but do not hold a credit card, so mobile payment provides the only alternative for these people. This payment method is also considered to be more secure in terms of privacy, fraud and use of personal information. Mobile payment platforms do not require the collection of customer personal or financial data, therefore rendering the theft of this data impossible - if personal information is not collected and stored online, it cannot be subject to online theft and fraud.

For merchants, the advantages are numerous. There are no chargebacks – a sale is a sale is a sale – any dispute regarding the purchase is settled between the customer and the merchant directly with no chargeback mechanism in place. The process is a simple one – the customer enters their cell number on the order page, receives a text message, and responds to the message to approve the order – all the consumer needs to know is their cell number, they don’t have to recall a billing address, credit card number, CVV2 number, etc. Unlike the traditional credit card processing account, with this payment medium the merchant can choose the fee structure, selecting from 3 options: 1) pass all fees and network charges on to the customer, 2) maintain the “traditional” commission fee to merchant, or 3) absorb all fees and network charges at the merchant level. Recurring billing models for subscriptions and memberships work well within this medium, as many believe there is better throughput via text messaging billing reminder notices than via traditional email where content filtering/email blocking has become a problem. Of course, the biggest advantage of all is tapping into an otherwise unreachable customer base. Those merchants who have added payment by mobile phone as an option have reported a 20% - 40% increase in sales without any additional marketing efforts other than adding this payment option onto the order page.


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